The Wilson family


Over summer I had the pleasure of capturing the Wilson family in the glorious sunlight. It was filled with so much love and laughter that it felt like time stood still for this beautiful family.

As soon as I arrived at the location, the warmth of the sun immediately set the tone for the shoot. The car are the main player for the shoot meant there was lots of climbing, jumping, running and playing in and out. Once we moved to the beach the children's giggles echoed through the air as they eagerly chased each other around in and out of the water. Their beaming smiles were infectious, lighting up the entire scene.

With camera in hand, I observed the family's interactions and just let them be them - when you have four children under 7 years old sometimes you just need to let go and let things play out - my shoots are definitely play-based.

The vibrant colors of their clothes beautifully complemented the relaxed surroundings. The sun-kissed fields and then beach enhanced the magic of the moment. 
Take a look below to see how it turned out and if its something you would like to do with your family?